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Classic Boat Insurance

ZX Global Insurance Solutions specializes in collector and classic boat insurance solutions.  We offer the following coverage options:


Agreed Value

If you have a covered total loss, you receive the full agreed value the boat is insured for on your policy.  Many insurance programs only pay "up to" the insured value on your policy, this is known as a Stated Value policy.  In other words, you may not receive the full insured amount. Make sure you know exactly what your policy pays.


Low Premiums

We understand your boat won’t be driven daily or used like a car.  Unlike everyday insurance carriers, ZX provides coverage geared specifically to your collector boat and the way you use it.


Club Discounts

As an added bonus to boaters who are involved in the hobby, we provide substantial discounts to members of most established collector boating clubs.


Unlimited Pleasure Usage

ZX encourages pleasure use, which includes unlimited coverage for US and Canadian Territorial Waters.*  Great boats were made to be enjoyed, so we don’t require a mandatory winter lay-up period should you be heading for warmer waters that time of year.


Claim Services

Your claim is handled by a classic boat insurance experts.  You get personal and direct client services even during the busiest times of the year.  We also work with your repair shop of choice to ensure repairs are done the right way by someone you trust.


Unlimited Land Transportation

Wherever you take your boat your ZX coverage goes with you, even when it’s on the trailer on the way to the lake or in storage for the off-season.  We offer unlimited overland transportation within the United States and Canada.


Boat Restoration Insurance

A boat restoration can be a time consuming and expensive project, so what happens if you experience a loss during the restoration? Well, if you have the right insurance coverage this doesn’t have to be such a scary question. With the ZX Port Risk policy, it doesn’t matter if you are restoring a watercraft yourself or using a professional facility, we can assure that you're covered.  The policy includes fire, theft and vandalism as well as overland transportation coverage.  We will work with you to maintain the appropriate value while the boat is being restored.  When the restoration is complete, we agree on the restored value and navigation can be added for full in-water operation.


Additional Coverage

In an effort to continuously provide new and innovative features for our classic boat policyholders, ZX Marine has developed several additional boat insurance coverage* enhancements. These enhancements are provided to you at no additional cost.


Consequential Damage

All coverage is subject to the Exclusions section of the policy. However, for certain types of excluded losses, resultant damage caused by any collision, explosion, fire, sinking or stranding is covered. For example, damage to a rudder caused by wear and tear is excluded. However, if the damaged rudder causes you to suffer a collision, the resulting collision is covered.†


Spare Parts and Tools

We will pay up to $750 for covered loss or damage to your spare parts and tools, while on your boat. Coverage is subject to a deductible of $25.


Trip Interruption

We will pay up to $500 for reasonable and temporary out-of-pocket expenses for transportation, lodging, and meals in the event of a covered loss or damage to your Boat. Reimbursable expenses include pre-paid slip rental fees or registration fees at classic boat events.


Coverage applies only if the loss or damage occurs more than 50 miles from your boat’s customary storage or mooring location and it is withdrawn from use for at least 24 hours.


Valuable Papers Coverage

We will pay up to $250 for covered loss or damage to valuable papers and records for your boat or out-board motor, including (but not limited to) owner’s handbooks, catalogs, parts or service manuals or sales literature.


Restoration Coverage

Whether you’re restoring the craft yourself or using a professional facility, the Hagerty Port Risk policy assures that you're covered. This includes fire, theft or vandalism as well as coverage while the boat is being transported overland. We will work with you to maintain the appropriate value while the boat is being restored. When your restoration is complete, navigation can be added for full in-water operation.


What Qualifies for ZX's Vintage and Classic Boat Coverage?

ZX provides insurance for many different types of boats, ranging from wooden boats to classic fiberglass boats.  So, how do you know if your boat qualifies for coverage through ZX?


- Fiberglass Boats

We'll consider most collectible fiberglass boats with a model year that is eight years old and older. The most collectible fiberglass boats are runabouts from the '50s and '60s. Whether you own a Donzi Ski Sporter or a Glasspar G3, we have the right coverage to protect your boat.



- Wooden Boats

ZX proudly insures most classic wooden boats. Whether you own an original Chris-Craft, Century, Gar Wood or a high-quality reproduction of a classic boat, we've got you covered.  If it's collectible, made of wood and in good to excellent condition, ZX will likely insure it.


- Runabouts

Runabouts typically range in size from 14' to 33' and are characterized by a closed top deck with individual cockpits for seating. Examples include barrel back designs, larger triple cockpits and gentleman's racers.


- Utilities

Utilities typically range in size from 12' to 30' and are characterized by a large open interior with only the top deck forward of the windshield. They are some of the most popular designs, as the open interior lends them to a wide range of activities.



These vessels range in length from 16' to 30'. They are an open configuration usually with seating able to accommodate several passengers. The earliest versions were powered by steam with later versions having small single cylinder gas powered engines.



Cruisers typically range from 26' on up. There are several design types including: Sedan, Aft cabin, Flush deck, Express, Sportfish and others.  Cruisers have enclosed cabins that typically allow for overnight stay.  They usually include a head, galley, systems to provide power, and store water and waste.  Out-of-Water Value and Condition Survey are required.



Sailboats range from 12' open boats to much larger vessels with full cabin facilities.  There are several specific design types: Yawl, Gaff rig, Cutter, Catboat, Sloop and many others. An Out-of-Water Value and Condition Survey required for sailboats over 26' with cabin facilities prior to coverage. Club racing is permitted.


Other Hull Materials

Select examples of other hull materials such as steel or aluminum may also be considered.


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† Consequential Damage coverage does not apply to Cruisers, Sailboats, and Classic Fiberglass boats 26 feet in length or greater or model year 1980 or newer.


* Only your policy and its endorsements include a complete description of the coverage provided under the policy. The enhancements shown above do not apply to all vessels. Restrictions apply based on the vessel type, age, and length. All coverage is subject to the provisions of the Value-Added Endorsement.




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