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Contractor Equipment Insurance

From construction to landscaping and excavation, businesses often rely on equipment to generate revenue. Designed to protect commercial operations owning valuable mobile equipment, the contractors equipment insurance product provides business coverage for construction machinery, equipment and tools of a mobile nature used in contracting, installation, repair, or moving operations or projects.



- Insured by an "A" rated carrier and available nationwide on an admitted basis

- Scheduled values up to $10 million and up to $500,000 per item

- Sold on a stand-alone basis with scheduled and blanket coverage options

- Special coverage package automatically includes basic limits for additional debris removal expenses, expediting expenses, fire department service charges, inventory and appraisal, recharge of fire extinguishing equipment, and reward for recovery of stolen equipment

- Direct billing with electronic payment options and an automated renewal process

- Direct access to our dedicated team of specialists



Contractors equipment policies can be written for contractors, municipalities, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, or other types of commercial risks owning mobile machinery and equipment.

Covered equipment may be owned and rented, leased or borrowed.  Items typically insured under a contractors equipment policy include bulldozers, power shovels, loaders, graders, backhoes, forklifts, pavers, compressors, pumps, and numerous other items of a mobile or portable nature.


Coverage and policy limits:

- Schedule limits of up to $10 million

- Scheduled or blanket coverage options available

- Borrowed equipment

- Replacement Cost coverage and Actual Cash Value coverage available on the same policy. Replacement Cost valuation automatically applies to property five years old or newer. Any property older than five years as of policy expiration date will be covered at Actual Cash value.

- Employee tools and work clothing; maximum $500 any one item

- Unscheduled Equipment; maximum $1,000 any one item

- Rental reimbursement

- Rental equipment

- Spare Parts and Fuel and Pollution Clean Up and Removal options

- Special coverage package automatically includes basic limits for the following with higher limits available:

- Additional debris removal expenses - $5,000

- Expediting expenses - $1,000

- Fire department service charges - $10,000

- Inventory and appraisal - $10,000

- Recharge of fire extinguishing equipment - $1,000

- Reward of recovery of stolen equipment - $10,000

- $500 minimum premium applies


Underwriting guidelines:

The following information highlights some of the major underwriting guidelines for contractors equipment. Additional guidelines may apply based on the risk.

- Complete description of equipment, including manufacturer, year of manufacturer, model and serial numbers, limit of insurance; minimum 80 percent to value

- Type of contractor and work performed

- Named insured must have at least two years loss experience

- No property is to be leased, loaned, or rented to others

- No property is to be waterborne

- Any previous equipment loss experience prior to our policy will be referred to underwriting

- Additional underwriting consideration required for equipment that will be used or located underground

- Coverage for optional attachments is not automatic; these items must be included in the description and the limit of insurance to activate coverage


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