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Unmanned Aircraft (UAV) & Drone Insurance

ZX Global Insurance Solutions have direct access to over 20 North American aviation insurers, which includes all the primary drone and UAV insurers. Our policies come standard with broad pilot warranties and premises liability.



Insurance for drones/UAV’s for personal and commercial use



- Liability: Combined Single Limits up to $100,000,000

- Hull: Values up to $1,000,000

- Territory: Worldwide

- Eligible Uses:


Film and Production

Powerline Patrol

Pipeline Patrol

Aerial Photo and Survey

Corporate Uses – Industrial Aid

Pleasure and Business

Agricultural and Livestock

Predator Control

Search and Rescue

Avalanche Patrol

Ski Patrol and Mountain Rescue

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Other Features


- Policy language is drafted specifically to respond to the exposures of unmanned aircraft.

- Coverage encompasses “operators” and specifies other non-pilot, on-ground crew members among the insureds.  There is NO exclusion for loss arising from electronic malfunctions and failure of electronic components, accessories, and power equipment (such an exclusion is standard on manned aircraft policies).

- Optional coverage for hijacking or any unlawful seizure or wrongful exercise of control by means of “spoofing.”


We cover UAVs for all of the following uses:


- Border Surveillance

- Pipe/PowerLine Surveillance

- Suspect Tracking

- Agricultural Applications

- Traffic Monitoring

- Communications/Broadcast

- Disaster Response/Relief

- Movie Production

- Damage Assessment

- Aerial News Coverage

- Atmospheric/Weather Research

- Mail/Freight Transport

- Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

- Flood Mapping

- Damage Surveying

- Real Estate Mapping

- Aerial Photography

- Mining

- Sporting Events Coverage

- Wildlife Monitoring



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