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Group Life Insurance

Our Group Term Life insurance is the foundation of a strong benefits package that provides essential protection to employees.  It can also help an employer attract and retain employees by helping them maximize their benefits package, all at competitive group rates.


Term Life provides a work-based Group Life insurance foundation that offers your employees and their dependents a cost-effective financial safety net in their time of need.  Coverage options range from Basic and Supplemental Term Life to Dependent Term Life.


Basic Term Life

A core employer-paid benefit that helps meet a portion of a family's income needs in the event of a premature death — it offers flexible options to choose from, including flat benefit amounts or multiples of pay.


Supplemental Life

Supplemental Term Life is an employee-paid benefit that offers flexible plan designs and innovative tools to help employees gain the extra protection they need to fit their personal insurance needs.  For more information about how your employees can get the coverage they need, at no additional cost to you, visit Employee Communications.


Dependent Life

Group Life insurance for spouses, domestic partners and eligible children that employees can purchase at group rates.


Voluntary Retiree Life

Voluntary Retiree Life (VRL) is group term life insurance designed specifically for employees who are retiring from active employment and wish to continue some level of coverage into retirement. It's an employee-paid life insurance solution that provides retirees comfort in knowing they have the appropriate protection they desire.


As an employer, you’ll also enjoy the flexibility our term life insurance plans offer. For instance, you could fund 100% of the plan. Or you could share the cost of the plan with your employees as a way of offering a valuable benefit while watching your budget. Choose what's right for your organization and employees from a variety of plan designs, including:


- A fully employer-funded plan (must include all eligible employees)

- A partially employer-funded plan (must include 75% of eligible employees)

- A voluntary plan that is fully paid by the employee (must include the greater of 10 eligible employees or 25% of those eligible to enroll)


- Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

- A strong Employee Assistance Program promotes better employee productivity and well-being. Included with our group term life with AD&D coverage, EAP services help employees and their household members obtain free and confidential access to extensive work/life resources, including:


- Advice on handling difficult life events, like losing a loved one

- Parenting information and services

- Child and elder care provider databases

- Travel assistance protection

We’ve partnered with On Call International to provide travel assistance protection for group term life with AD&D insurance policyholders.  When employees and their household members are traveling more than 100 miles from home, they’ll have access to such services such as:


- 24-hour access to a multilingual service center

- Emergency medical assistance

- Help locating doctors, dentists and medical facilities

- Coordination and payment for medical evacuation

- This benefit applies to personal or business trips that don’t go beyond 90 days.


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