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High Net-Worth Insurance

With our specialty high net worth line, we offer the finest standards of coverage for our high net worth clients.  Whether you are an individual or a fortune 500 corporation, we give you access to the industry’s leading providers of affluent personal and commercial lines insurance while tailoring the right coverage solutions, whether in the admitted or non-admitted marketplace.


Specialty high net worth package offerings are available for:


- High value homeowners

- Businesses and Corporations with Over 10 Million Dollars in Annual Sales.

- Unique and custom built homes

- Coastal, secondary and vacation homes

- Valuable articles policies for jewelry, fine arts, collectibles and wine

- High limits of personal excess liability

- Watercraft & yachts

- Earthquake & flood

- Personal auto including high value and exotic


Our High End Clients Enjoy the following services at no extra charge:*


- Employee Comprehensive Background Checks and Screening Services including employees, nannies, cleaning crew, and contractors.

- Private Investigation Services to investigate theft, confirm employee's injury and/or disability, and other investigation services.

- Bug Sweep Services to find hidden microphones, hidden cameras, unauthorized transmitters, and spy recorders.

- Assistance with Hotel, Air Travel, and Car Rental Reservations

- Assistance with Purchasing of office supplies, electronics, printers and computers, printing services, uniforms, cleaning products.

- Assistance with Purchasing Personal and Commercial Vehicles including locating Rare, Collectible, and/or Exotic Vehicles.

- Assistance with Protection Services, Security Guards, Bodyguards, Physical and Electronic Security, and Burglary Investigations



Call us at (800) 671-3456 or email us at privateclientgroup@zxinsurance.com



* For California and/or any other states that prohibit free services with insurance policies, the cost to our high net worth clients is $1 per Year.

* Minimum Yearly Premiums must meet minimum amount to qualify for the complementary services




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