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Historic Military Vehicle Insurance

Much like its flag, your classic military vehicle is a symbol of our country’s history and strength.  Your drab green or desert tan Willys jeep, M37 or tank once protected a nation during wartime. As its owner and caretaker, you’re not just preserving a historic military vehicle, you’re preserving the memories and legacy of all those who served in the armed forces.


Whether you collect HMVs out of patriotism, nostalgia, or as a connection to your military career, they deserve the kind of protection that only ZX can provide – coverage and service that respects the significance of these vehicles, and aims to preserve them for future generations.


Why Choose ZX Insurance for Classic Military Vehicle Insurance?


Guaranteed Value

We work with you to value your military vehicle, and if there’s a covered total loss, we’ll pay that full amount.* We guarantee it.


Expert In-house Claims Service

We are totally committed to using the right parts for your HMV. We even have parts specialists to help track down rare or hard to find parts. Choose your own repair shop, or get paid to do the work yourself.**


Save On Premiums

Our premiums are an average of 48% lower than standard insurance.


Flexible Usage

We believe you should actually get to use your military vehicle. That’s why we allow for plenty of pleasure and hobby usage.


Program Qualifications:

We accept vehicles 20 years and older

Battle reenactments can be considered when vehicle is mostly stationary

Vehicles must be de-militarized (armaments removed or disabled)


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This is a general description of guidelines and coverage. ZX Global Insurance Solutions reserves the right to determine final risk acceptance. All coverage is subject to policy provisions, exclusions, and endorsements. Some coverage may not be available in all states.

*Less any deductible and/or salvage value, if retained by you.

**Some restrictions apply.


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