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Rental Dwelling Insurance

For many business investors, landlords and other owners of residential property, rent is a source of additional revenue and critical to the success of their investment. Because property is tenant occupied, these owners or landlords need more than standard homeowners insurance to ensure adequate protection for direct physical loss or damage to the structure or personal property left on-site, as well as liability should someone get hurt on the property.


The rental dwelling insurance offers coverage for well-maintained one to four family unit dwellings, including their detached structures.  Should the occupancy of the property change during the policy term, property coverage can easily be converted to an vacant property insurance policy.



- Standard 12 month policy term, with short-term policies available in many states

Optional coverage includes loss of rents, theft, back-up of sewer and drains, and tenant relocation and additional living expenses

- Property coverage up to $1M; premises liability up to $1 million each occurrence/aggregate

- Minimum property value is $20,000 for condominiums and $50,000 for all other residential dwellings

- Rental dwelling policy can easily be converted to a vacant structure policy

- Offered on an admitted basis in most states

- Direct bill with premium payment installment options and a credit card payments



- Well-maintained one to four family unit dwellings (including their detached structures) occupied by tenants only

- No more than two losses in the past three years

- Continuous insurance coverage for the past three years

- Row homes

- Condominium or co-op units

- Manufactured/Mobile homes – provided they are fixed to permanent foundations, skirted and are not movable

- Detached structures with respect to garages and larger storage sheds which can be rented to tenants provided they are not used for any commercial purposes (a separate limit is required for these structures)


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