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Special Events Insurance

Accidents are unpredictable. Be prepared with special events accident medical insurance from ZX Global Insurance Solutions.  Special Events Insurance provides accident medical insurance and accidental death insurance for community groups and special events in the event of an accidental injury or death during a sponsored group activity.


Why have accident medical insurance?

Accident medical insurance safeguards your group or special event if an accidental injury or death occurs while the insured group is participating in their group activities.



- Primary (first-to-pay) and excess (next-to-pay) plans are available

- All group participants are automatically covered

- Accidental death and specific loss (loss of limb, sight, hearing) benefits included

- Out-of-pocket expenses like deductibles, co-insurance and prescriptions are covered


We offers a wide variety of plan options for community programs, organizations and amateur sports teams.  Some of the events include:


- Amateur Sports including Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, and others...

- Business activities

- Camps and conferences

- Auxiliary police and firefighters

- Vocational training

- Volunteer emergency

- Child Care

- Special Events

- Travel Accidents


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